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Stop worring about finding a free table at Starbucks.

For the price of a daily coffee become a member of our comunity, and get the following benefits:

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Workósfera is a space designed specifically to focus on your daily job, but also so you meet people and step out of the routine.

Our job here is promoting networking among fellow coworkers, connecting you to experts and mentors and help you focus on growth. Or simply to get you inspired!

Coworking Puebla Workosfera Sala de Juntas Patio

Coworking Puebla Workosfera Sala de Juntas Patio Centro

Coworking Puebla Workosfera Sala de Juntas Patio Oficinas

Coworking Puebla Workosfera Sala de Juntas Patio Oficinas cafe

huevosfera Coworking Puebla Workosfera Sala de Juntas Patio

Besides, because we know that working is not everything,
you can find everything you need to
eat, have fun and sleep. Everything without leaving the building.

  • Events
  • Networking
  1. Events

    At Workósfera the events range from an art house film to an enterpreneur speech. Programers meetup? you name it. Everything in the same spot.
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  2. Networking

    Get to know your peers in town! Step out of routing, be part of events like meetups or just come to work next to other humans. Your buissiness grows if your network grows, and this is the place to do it.

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You can find these business and organizations here at Workosfera's community. Get to know them!

We seek to promote and facilitate connections between local and global communities, investors and government.

Workósfera is a physical platform to promote economical growth and community development.

Workósfera is a concept created by two great friends, who, with different skills and traits, seek to complement each other in order to generate a space where the ideal conditions are met for innovation and entrepreneurship.

A location to dream about.
Museums, shops, parks and a lot of history.
All just steps away from Workósfera.

Workósfera has a very convenient location, with easy access without driving through "El Centro". We have our own car park with special rates for members. We also have free bike parking.

Workósfera is "Cabify Zone" and youll soon forget you need a car: all trips that begin or end here have a 10% discount.

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